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EQI Water Quality Map

This interactive map summarizes three decades of volunteer water monitoring in western North Carolina. Click on the individual sites to learn more about the chemical and biological conditions in these streams. See below for more information.

Map Notes

EQI's SMIE biological monitoring and VWIN chemical monitoring sites and associated watersheds, color-coded according to most recent available water quality rating, ranging from Excellent (blue) to Poor (red).

VWIN sites show boxplots of 8 water quality parameters for each site. Boxplots compare data for the most recent 3 years and data prior to the last 3 years since the beginning of monitoring. An asterisk (*) next to a parameter (e.g., pH) denotes a statistically significant (p-value < 0.05) difference between data for these two time periods (the last 3 years versus prior to the last 3 years). For help understanding boxplots, please visit

Trend graphs show the VWIN ratings that we calculate based on the nutrients rating, sediment rating, and conductivity readings over a 3-year period (e.g., the 2018 rating incorporates data from 2016-2018) since the beginning of monitoring for each site.

Data sources for watershed delineation, terrain, and land cover-10 m Digital Elevation Model, USGS National Elevation Dataset 1/3 arc-second; National Land Cover Database, 2011 edition.

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