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Identifying & counting macroinvertebratesSMIE - Stream Monitoring Information Exchange

In addition to the VWIN program, EQI had taken a leadership role in the Stream Monitoring Information Exchange (SMIE). This grant-funded biological stream monitoring project is complementary to the VWIN chemical data collection. Volunteers participate in a six-hour training session to learn stream benthic macroinvertebrate identification and sampling methods. Then every fall and spring the volunteers go out in small groups to sample streams in WNC for aquatic insects.

Looking for crittersThe details of species presence and abundances provide insights into the health of the watersheds. EQI is performing statistical analysis of the data, interpreting the results in technical reports, and distributing the information to stakeholders including the NC Department of Environmental Quality’s Division of Water Resources, SMIE partner organizations, and the public.

SMIE Training

EQI partnered with MountainTrue to produce these online training videos:

SMIE Reports

Below you will find a selection of archived SMIE reports:

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