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EQI Executive Director, Ann Marie Traylor


Executive Director

Ann Marie Traylor worked as the head chemist at EQI for five years prior to reopening the lab in 2010. Ann Marie has a B.S. degree in Biology from the University of North Florida, Jacksonville Florida, and a M.S. degree in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation from the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. She was a graduate assistant with the Florida Cooperative Research Unit at UF, and her research focused on vertebrate habitat usage of a large central Florida lake. Between degrees, she aqcuired two additional years of laboratory experience as a metals analyst for a commercial lab.


EQI Assistant Director, Gracia O'Neill Assistant Director

Gracia O'Neill has extensive experience in community and volunteer organizing. She has provided education, advocacy, and technical assistance to NC communities on a wide variety of water-related issues. She has coordinated the SMIE program since 2004, co-led all SMIE volunteer trainings, and has been a SMIE Group Leader since 2006. Gracia has a B.A. degree in Environmental Studies.



EQI Stream Monitoring Coordinator, Madelyn Johanson Stream Monitoring Coordinator (AmeriCorps Project Conserve)

Madelyn Johanson is EQI's AmeriCorps Project Conserve member, returning for a second term in 2017-18. She has a B.A. degree in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Ecology from UNC-Asheville. Madelyn was an EQI intern during the summer of 2015, performing lab analyses for the VWIN project. She has been a SMIE volunteer since 2014 and became a Group Leader in 2015. She has additional experience in outreach, education, and conservation work.




Local college students are recruited for internships and Federal Work Study positions, providing them with valuable work experience in the scientific field. Responsibilities typically include sample analysis and data management. We try to match the skills and interest of our students to the job assignments, for example lab analysis, GIS, or statistics. If interested in persuing an internship opportunity, please contact:

EQI Interns Past & Present

EQI Interns Past & Present

EQI Interns Past & Present

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